This weeks (last weeks) HW


Y5 – Homework on MyMaths. Another MyMaths homework is put up and is in for Friday. Speech marks worksheet below, write this in your homework book.


Y6 –

Maths Homework for Tuesday 2nd May

You have been set several practice questions on My Maths as well as some revision on Roman Numerals. Please work through as many as you can.

Find out three amazing facts about London to wow your teachers!

Comprehension homework for Monday 10th April

Achieve 100 Free Maths Resource

Use the Achieve 100 site to practise the maths objectives we have covered this year. You have been shown how to log on to this at school.

It is only available until the end of April. Please use it at least twice per week.

Speech Marks

iMoves daily challenges!


We’ve been trying to fit an iMoves daily challange into each day, these can include medative excercises, body combat style shadow boxing moves, memory move combination challenges and various other sessions of movement to music. Great activities, great excercise,  great fun.

Shepard Wheel


We had a wonderful trip and utterly educational experiance at the Shepard Wheel Workshop on Porter brook. This was as a start to our local geography topic and whilst here we learnt about the history of the Wheel, the conditions for the workers working there and the way in which the water wheel, through a series of gears and pulleys, turned the grindstones. 



Y6 – Comprehension, grammar p27/28/29, next maths section in your maths book (you should be on section b now), adverbials worksheet 

Y5 – mymaths on coordinates, there are two tasks for you to do. New spellings to be given this Friday. 




Grammar p40 / 41.

Maths Sats book – next test

Comprehension – given to you.


Mark grammar and maths from mark schemes provided in books.



Both worksheets below on line graphs and modal verbs


Spellings –

variety suggest
rhyme queue
 foreign forty
immediately government
 conscience  attached

Year 5 Spellings


We are just about to finish the Read Write Spell scheme – so spellings will vary slighly from the class information letter this week and next (replacing 5 on information letter with RWS scheme spellings).

fiction ambitious
rhyme queue
 foreign forty
superstitious cautious
 conscience  nutritious



Year 5 Homework – Complete the sheet on hippopotamus’ line graph


Year 6 – Grammar p12 and 13 clauses and phrases

Maths next two texts


Mark last weeks tests and comprehension from back of book.


Any homework from last week not done this week must be in for Monday or you will be doing it at break time if your names not ticked off my list! (aside from the discussed exeptions who didn’t get given a comprehension sheet)


Internet safety 


As a part of our commitment to internet safety we recognised internet safety day through an assembly and some follow up work in class. Our in class activities were focussed on ‘how do we know if what we see online is real.’, and ‘what can happen when we post online?’. Internet safety was covered in this weeks (7th Feb) computing lesson as well, where the focus was on ‘The power of image’, looking at oversharing, first impressions of images online, thinking before we post an image and our digital footprint.



Year 6 homework Complete p56 of grammar book, complete comprehension sheet, complete first 2 tests of maths SATS homework book given out today.
Year 5 –

1) answer convert the following percentages into the simplest possible fraction and the decimal equivalent: 50% 25% 20% 40% 80% 75% 30%

2) Order these from smallest to largest: 1/5 , 75% , 7/10 , 0.45 , 30% , 8/20 , 0.65


Read a newspaper / magazine report of your choice and find at least two examples of both direct and reported speech.