Hollowford visit


We’re having a great time at Hollowford: the weather is beautiful, the activities are great fun and the food is tasty.

So far my group (those in the pictures) have done canoeing, high ropes, raft building and archery. We’ve got rock scrambling to look forwards too this afternoon and a walk up Mam Tor tomorrow before coming home. We’ll be back at school around 3pm, see you there! 

Mr Marshall

(Ps. There are many more pictures to come, but these have been taken from a better quality cameras and will be made available after our return)


Street Art tour


We had a great time walking around the streets of Sheffield City centre yesterday, looking at various pieces of street art to inspire us in this terms topic.

Festival of cricket


I took a group of 17 Y5s to take part in a cricket festival at Colleigate cricket club. We had a great day against some tough opposition and improved considerably over the course of the day. The children all learnt new cricket skills and rules and I learnt to wear sun cream , even when it’s cloudy!

App:Ex The App Exhibition @ St Wilfrid’s


Here’s some long awaited pictures of our App Exhibition which took place at the end of last term.

It was a fantastic end to our Topic “Where Geography meets Technology: Can Technology Save the World?” based around climate change and how we can make a difference through individual actions and technological advances.

The children learnt about how humans are changing our climate, what they can do to help and built their entrepreneurial and teamwork skills  in designing an app to tackle this global problem. App:Ex showcased the children’s app and the visitors handed out tokens to the groups they thought did best, with the overall winner being the “Good Globe app”.

Thank you to everyone that took part, to all the parents who attended and the children who worked so hard.


Grammar for Tuesday 1st May

Complete the grammar mat.

Comprehension for Tuesday 1st May

Complete the A3 sheet ‘Amelia Earheart.’

Maths Homework for Tuesday 1st May

Complete the two My Maths tasks on Ratio and Proportion.

The three other tasks are there for revision. One is on multiplying and dividing decimals by 10 and 100 and the other two are on fraction, decimal and percentage equivalents. Please choose at least one of these to complete.

Remember, if you don’t achieve a score of at lease 80% you must repeat the task.