Could you please complete the homework for Monday if possible.


Please complete the following maths questions:


1) Circle three multiples of  4

48          26           92           37           42           120

2)            Complete the sequence

-20, -11, ____, 7, 16, 25, ______

3) Mr Phobbledobble knows that £1 is equivalent to 1.14 euros.

He wants to change £24 into euros, how much money will he have in euros?

4) There are 170 pupils in a school. There are 20 more boys than girls. How many girls are there?



Some of your lovely darling wonderful year 5 children have still not taken their class letters home.


ALL of the year 5s presently in my class will be next door with Mrs Pearson and Mrs Clements next year.


Muchos gracias, hasta mañana a ‘Enlish Institute for Sport’.



All of the year 5s had a great time at the Hollowford Centre in Castleton, Activities from raft building to the high ropes challanged and entertained. Enjoy these pictures, more to come!



Come to St Wilfrid’s tonight and see the amazing art work of children from all years at school. The theme is Hinduism and for a small entrance fee you could enjoy cheese, wine, and some amazing art work!

A talk from a friend of the school


A friend from a local mosque came to speak to all year 5 children about Islam on Thursday afternoon. We talked about what life is like being a Muslim, the five pillars of Islam and all of the similarities within the underlying message of all religions. 

Hinduism and art week


We had a great week last week studying Hinduism and exploring various arts within Hindu culture. We looked at symbols, gods, Hindu stories and made some great artwork ourselves. Come and see our great work in a school wide exhibition at 3.45 in the hall today!!



A late post but a great one. We had a great time before Easter when we had the pleasure of a trained judo instructor come in and teach us some moves. Don’t try this at home! Do try this by getting in touch via the information provided on the leaflet handed out on the day of this event. 



We had an ace time learning some judo moves before Easter! Not ones for trying on the playground or at home but letters were sent home with information about classes should any child want to get involved.