As you may well know, the year 6s have been having weekly sessions on mindfulness and meditation. The good news is, now year 5s have access to this learning too. Every Wednesday we are going to have 20 minute mindfulness session with Nadège Robin to compliment our curriculum. Healthy mind = high quality learning!


English – formality 


In our English lessons over the last two weeks we’ve been looking at the features of formal and informal writing. Here’s some of the children’s guides to formality from both a formal and informal viewpoint.

Art – colour


Here’s some snaps from an art lesson last week. Our focus was on colour and by using watercolours alongside an information sheet the children experimented in trying to find colours that work together. If you’re ever stuck in a Dulux catalogue parents, you’ve now all got colour experts to give you advice! 



Apologies this didn’t go up on Friday.



If you didn’t get the Science homework done from last week make sure this is in before this Thursday – Please research the current affairs issue of plastics entering our food chain. Find out how this has happened. Be ready to share your findings with members of the class in the science lesson.

Science homework for Monday 29th January –

Charles Darwin appears on the back of one of the old £10 notes along with a picture of boat and a bird. The bird has a very long beak.

Can you find out why he was thought to be so important that he needed to be remembered in this way? Also, can you find out why there is a boat and a bird with him? Is the fact that the bird has been given a long beak important?

You can record your findings in a way of your choosing (not just in note form though). Be ready to share your work and discuss the answers to my questions in our lesson on the 29th January.



– Homework tab on Y6 Blog.



Complete page 4 in your CGP books.


Complete the activity in your maths mastery homework book.

P 23 (Autumn Book)

sufficient persuade
develop mischievous
fastest adventure
curiosity attached
patient mountainous

Year 5 and 6 Homework



Science Homework for Thursday 18th January

Please research the current affairs issue of plastics entering our food chain. Find out how this has happened. Be ready to share your findings with members of the class in the science lesson.

Year 6

Grammar homework for Tuesday 16th January

Complete the SPaG mat given out in class.

Comprehension homework for Tuesday 16th January

Please complete the A3 sheet ‘Laws Affecting Women’.

Maths Homework for Tuesday 16th January

Complete the two My Maths activities on algebra that have been set for you. You can use the lesson attached to the activity if you need help. This is instead of the maths book for this week.

Mr Clements is going to be checking TimesTable Rockstars on Sunday night. Please make sure you have been on at least once between now and then. You should be on it five times a week (5 mins). There wasn’t much activity over the holidays so we need to sharpen our skills again.


Year 5

Maths homework for any time next week

Create a poster explaining step by step how to multiply using the calculation 342 x 27 as an example on a4 paper.

Do this in the same style of the division poster we did in class (click here to see – short-division-poster ). If you need help here’s a useful youtube video – 



Next weeks spellings are as follows 

receipt hunted
excellent quietly
deceive doubt
stomach league
incorrect replace



The dates for our advent services can be found below. If you would like to come and take part please let me (email below) or the office know. Services start at 3.15 and will be lead by groups of children from the class.

If you would like to come to one which your child is leading please let the office know or let me know at  – dates are changeable if you can’t make it as parents / carers and would like too.

Advent services



BOTH Y5 and 6


Create an information page on Powerpoint on what countries were involved in world war two.

This should include pictures and text to give detailed information on who was involved in the war? Who were the main countries? Who were allied / axis sides? What is a neutral country and what countries remained neutral throughout the war? Were any countries neutral and ended up fighting?

Useful websites include:

This was started in class and uploaded to Edmodo. Don’t print at home we will print here as it needs to be A3


Year 6s 

Comprehension Homework for Tuesday 5th December

Complete the A3 sheet ‘Toad learns A Lesson.’

Grammar Homework for Tuesday 5th Dec

Complete page 24 of your grammar book.


Year 5


Page 62 – in for Friday 8th December


Next page W3 of U4 multiplication – in for Friday 8th

Y5 spellings

To be tested on Friday 8th December.

 protein prejudice
 caffeine privilege
 receive profession
 conceive programme
 receive pronunciation